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Driving under the influence of prohibited drugs is a serious offence in state of NSW. The Court takes drug driving charges very seriously as the influence of substances while driving can endanger the life of others.

On top of this, the possession of illegal substances can negatively impact the community, and as a result drug related offences attract significant penalties.

Roadside and mobile drug testing is on the rise across Australia, and the penalties for driving under the influence of drugs can be severe. Police may charge you with drug driving if an oral fluid swab taken during a roadside drug test detects the presence of illicit drugs in your system.

The test, which is carried out by licking the swab, is currently able to detect the presence of:

  • cannabis,
  • ecstasy/MDMA,
  • cocaine,
  • methylamphetamine (ice) and
  • amphetamines (speed).

If you fail the preliminary test, you will be required to repeat the test. Further laboratory tests will be required if you test positive again during which time you not be permitted to drive. If the further test confirms the presence of illicit drugs, you will be charged with the offence of driving with the presence of an illicit drug.

If you are facing drug driving charges, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced drug driving Lawyer- Do not take risks with your future or your licence.

If you have been charged with Drug Driving contact our team of expert Lawyers. There may be many options available to you if you are facing drug driving charges and we can provide you with the best advice and assistance on what your next move should be.

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