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If you have recently separated and you believe there is little chance of resolution, there are three main issues to consider:

- The division of all matrimonial property including real estate, superannuation, bank accounts, shares and who will be responsible for any debt.  A person may seek a property settlement promptly following and separation from a former spouse or de facto partner. There is no requirement to be divorced before settling your financial affairs.

- Who will care for and support the children of the relationship.

-The legal end of a marriage. A couple must be separated for at least 12 months prior to making an Application to the Court for a divorce.

Care of Children

Unless it is differing to their best interests, children have a right to a significant and ongoing relationship with both parents following a separation. We can assist parents in finalising arrangements for the appropriate care of their children in circumstances when both parents are no longer living together.


Property Settlements

We can help separated couples to divide their property, which may include real estate, superannuation, financial accounts and shares and vehicles and who will be responsible for the respective debts.

If you are newly separated and are concerned about where you stand, Contact Legal Edge today to ensure your rights and assets are protected. Our experienced Family Lawyers are here to provide you with the personalised and caring advice with a no fuss, cost effective approach.

Contact Legal Edge today via our contact us page or by contacting us, 24 hours a day to discuss how we can assist you receive the best outcome possible.

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