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Bartholomew Lee

Bartholomew Lee heads the firm’s Queensland practice, managing complex compensation claims since 2009 and joining Compensation Partners in 2017.

Years of hands on experience with compensation cases involving thousands of pages of records and evidence from his clients and their families has taught Bartholomew the importance of attention to detail and listening to his clients.

Bartholomew has a particular interest in obtaining disclosure of evidence from his client’s opponents and preventing insurers unfairly using multiple expert witnesses about the same issues. He has also obtained time limit extensions in the Supreme Court for clients who were not able to discover their rights to compensation until many years after they had been wronged.

No two cases are the same and many cases are not easy. Bartholomew’s problem solving ability and determined attitude have built a body of knowledge over the years that helps to lower the risk to client’s with complex matters where strategies that worked previously can be utilised, combined and tailored to the unique needs of new cases.

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